Our Mission

This Charity Event is to Honour those putting their lives on the line for our safety and freedoms;
Military, Police Officers, and Firefighters.


Family Portraits, Individual Portraits, photographs in general, why do people get pictures taken in the first place? To hold on to the memories of what once was. To remember; the good, the risky, the love, the joy, the unbelievable, that it actually happened, and that it was not just a dream. To look back on those moments of captured memories, with your children and great-grandchildren, and then they get passed on for generations to come. They are moments captured in a photograph to live on through your family.


Every time our Service Members kiss their families before they start their shift, and say their goodbyes, they are leaving the comfort of their own homes in an act of selflessness. They know that anything could happen during their shift, but they go out every day to PROTECT their own families, to PROTECT the streets, to PROTECT their city, to PROTECT their state, to PROTECT their country, and most of all to PROTECT the American people at the risk of their own life.


The attacks on our Service Members this year has reached a boiling point. It is horrible acts of violence occurring to those who go out every day being selfless, so you can have safety and freedom. Enough is ENOUGH!! We need to STAND behind our Service Members, NOT attack them. We NEED to come together and SUPPORT our Service Members, not act out towards them.


We are praying and hoping that this event will bring hope to our Service Members; letting them know that their community, their city, their citizens, whom they have sworn to protect at the risk of their own lives are here for them.

God is here for them, before, during and after their life. Their community, the churches are here to support their families and them, and we are here for their families and them.